Tung siêu tướng Blood War Nelliel

Modify Tier Bonus Materials (Fragments) Level Requirement
Basic Modify (Hierro) Immune to Silent, Chaos, Void, Fury Reduction 120 Fragments Level 40
Tier 2 Modify (Sonido) Increase self 30% Kido Attack and 40% Speed 280 Fragments Level 50
Tier 3 Modify (Chōkasoku) Immune Laceration (When Blood War Grimmjow joins battle, increases both partner's speed by 30%) 480 Fragments Level 60
Tier 4 Modify (Nel Shower) When attacked,  generate shields on all allies, growth rate 80% and recover all allies 20% of Max HP 792 Fragments Level 70
Tier 5 Modify (Sword Master) When attacked, cast Almighty on ally Assaulters for 2 rounds 1100 Fragments Level 80
Tier 6 Modify (Cero Doble) Increase ally Assaulters and Supporters defense by 70% 1452 Fragments Level 90
Ultimate Modify (Lanzador Verde) Each round decrease enemies Avoid Injury Rates by 30%, last 20 rounds 1848 Fragments Level 100

Former Arrancar Espada Rank No.3. A good friend of Kurosaki Ichigo. After the death of Yhwach during Blood War, hogyoku powered up Nelliel also. Luckily, she will be aiding Ichigo.

Cô ấy đến từ đội Espada, vị trí mạnh thứ 3 trong team, là bạn thân của ichigo. Sau cái chết của Yhwach trong Cuộc chiến máu, hogyoku cũng tiếp sức cho Nelliel. May mắn thay, cô ấy vẫn sẽ giúp đỡ Ichigo.




Max Bonus Affix Stage Requirements
True-Shikai Ichigo 2.75 - 10.00% Physical/Kido Attack Shin X
Blood War Grimmjow 2.75 - 10.00% Damage Rate Shin X
Blood War Ulquiorra 2.75 - 10.00% HP Shin X
Muken Aizen 2.75 - 10.00% Speed Shin X
Appears in the bonds of...
Main 2.75 - 10.00% Physical/Kido Attack Shin


Gamuza Increase Wisdom by 40% and Agility by 40%, Born with 50% Avoid Injury Rate.
Skill Damage per hit
Lanza deLuz Gamuza Attack all enemies, growth rate 250%, decrease enemy assaulters attack by 50% for 1 round. Cast Bleeding on enemy Vanguard, growth rate 160% for 2 rounds and clear all enemies' buff. Recover self Fury by 40 points.
EX Skill
Exclusive-Lanza deLuz Gamuza Attack all enemies, growth rate 250%/300%/400%. Increase ally assaulters 30%/40%/50% Speed for 1/2/2 round. Cast counter damage on ally Supporters for 1/1/2 round. Cast Void on enemy supporters for 1/1/2 round. Recover all allies Fury by 30/40/50 points.


Link tham khảo tướng Blood War Nelliel:https://bleach-online-user.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_War_Nelliel